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NESAT Proceedings


Interdisciplinary Approaches to Textile Research: Northern and Central European Textile Production and Use of Textiles and Clothing from the Neolithic to the Modern Period

The Proceedings of NESAT XIV. The North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles, 23rd–26th August 2021 


Sanna Lipkin, Krista Vajanto and Erika Ruhl (editors)


The NESAT proceedings will be published in the Monographs of the Archaeological Society of Finland This is an online peer reviewed publication, but if we will have sufficient funding we may take a small printing. 


We accept manuscripts based on both paper and poster presentations. Research Event presentations may be summarized in the publication in collaboration with the editors. Articles should be circa 2000–4000 words in length. The number of figures is not limited (but if printed will be in black-and-white). The proceedings will follow the spelling of the Oxford English Dictionary. The editors will provide proofreading for non-native English writers. Contributions may also be written in German. 


Send your manuscript by December 6th, 2021 to We will use a single-blind review system and you may name un-wanted reviewers.




December 6th, 2021: Proceedings submissions

December 2021 - January 2022: Peer review

March 30th, 2022: Final versions submitted

April - May 2022: Final editorial work and typesetting

May - June 2022: Publication uploaded online



Publication will use the author-year system.



Barad 2007

Lipkin et al. 2021.

Núñez and Silver 2019: 175; Nyberg 2010: 15–16.


Barad, K. M. 2007. Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. 


Lipkin, S., S. Niinimäki, S. Tuovinen, E. Ruhl, H. Maijanen, J. Niinimäki, and J-A. Junno 2021a. Newborns, infants, and adolescents in Post-Medieval Northern Finland: A case study from Keminmaa. Historical Archaeology 55: 30–48. DOI: 10.1007/s41636-020-00265-1 


Núñez, M. and K. Silver 2019. I väntan på att bli begraven: Torneå 1650–1850 [While waiting to be buried: Torneå 1650–1850]. Tornedalens årsbok 2019: 175–185. 


Nyberg, J. 2010. A peaceful sleep and heavenly celebration for the pure and innocent: The sensory experience of death during the long Eighteenth century. In F. Fahlander and A. Kjellström (eds): Making Sense of Things: Archaeologies of Sensory Perception, pp. 15–33. Stockholm: Stockholm University. 



  • Journal titles: Give all journal titles in full, do not use any abbreviation systems. 

  • Quotes: All quotes over 40 words should be indented without quotation marks.

  • Page numbers: no p. or pp but just the range of pages in full, e.g. 44–48, without the use of expressions such as ff. or similar. 

  • Units: Metric units should be used throughout with a decimal point and with no comma separating thousands. 

  • Numerals: All measurements and percentages should be expressed in numbers, unless they are the first word in a sentence; the numbers from one to twenty should be expressed in words, with number 21 or higher in numbers. 

  • Centuries: all in numbers (1st to 21st century). 

  • Dates: Absolute dates should be expressed as follows: 123 BC, fifth millennium BC, AD 30, fifth century AD; radiocarbon dates 411 +/-55BP if uncalibrated, 400 cal. BC if calibrated.

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