Symposium online

All papers will be pre-recorded and uploaded for viewing one week prior to the conference. To support online experience, social media channels will be utilised while sharing posters. Papers and posters will be discussed during chaired thematic symposium sessions.


Research event will be organised on Zoom as scheduled.

Pre-conference program


Archaeological Textiles on Twitter session


On Sunday 22nd August we will host Archaeological Textiles on Twitter session. 


The Twitter platform allows telling engaging archaeological textile stories to a wider audience through words, images, video and sound. 

Short proposals for 30 minute slots (12 to 15 tweets) are welcomed. We invite proposals on wide variety of topics in any language. By June 23, submit your proposal through the abstract submission form

For a Twitter session you will need a Twitter account. On a Twitter conference, there will be timed slots. The sessions will be introduced and you will start tweeting at your allotted time. After your presentation you may engage with the audience. To keep it simple, we suggest not to exceed 15 tweets. Skilled tweeters succeed in condensing their key-takeaway. Tweets are threaded by replying each one in turn. This is important so your entire tread will be accessed from the first tweet. Character limit for a tweet is 280. Tweets may include images, video clips and links. Use hashtag #nesatXIV in every tweet to help the audience to find your tweets. We recommend to write the tweets beforehand.


The advantages of the Twitter conference are addressed in FAQs of the Public Archaeology Twitter Conference (#PATC4). The tweets are easy to follow around the world across time-zones, and you will potentially reach a wider audience than during a traditional conference. The threads will also be available after the event.

Archaeological Textiles Researcher Channel

On Monday 16th August we will launch Archaeological Textiles Researcher Channel content here on this website.