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These posters have been posted on Instagram and Facebook on Sunday August 22.

Celia Elliott-Minty A braided bracelet/armband found in a Bronze Age cist on Dartmoor, UK: how might it have been made? 

Nina Manninen Gold, silk and treasures from the Orient – Catherine Jagiellon's wardrobe in inventories 1562–1563

Lorena Ariis An experiment with heavy loom weights 

Dolores Kearney Weaving Stories: A multidisciplinary approach to Early Medieval Irish Textiles

Maikki Karisto, Heini Kirjavainen, Jaana Riikonen & Juha Ruohonen Ravattula Dress project 

Maikki Karisto, Heini Kirjavainen & Jaana Riikonen Fibres & Dyes, Bands & Seams - Preliminary results on Ravattula costume ca. 1200 AD

Jennifer K. Matthews, Robert Bachman, Gregory T. Clark & Christopher M. McDonough Uncovering the story of a reproduction medieval cycle tapestry through interdisciplinary studies 

Sanna Lipkin Bobbin laces from Ostrobothnian church burials (late 17th century – early 19th century) 

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