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Beatrix Nutz 

Fact and Fiction – Late 15th to 16th Century Extant Miner´s Garments vs. Pictorial Sources 

Karolina Pallin 

Brocaded tablet-woven bands from Viking age boat graves in Valsgärde, Sweden - different techniques, similar appearance 

Jenni Sahramaa 

Use It to Understand It – Ancient Dress in Re-enactment

Elizabeth E Peacock, Stina Tegnhed & Emma Maltin 

Two Swedish Late Modern Period Foetal Burial Shrouds 

Katrin Kania & Beatrix Nutz 

Industrial use of tablet-woven bands 

Amica Sundström & Maria Neijman 

Medieval textile in seal bags versus archaeological textiles from Swedish cities

Anne Marie Decker 

But it looks like... methods for differentiating non-woven looped structures

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More about nålbinding in Decker's blog:

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